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What Is Glass Bead Blasting Service?

Glass bead blasting is a metal cleaning process that creates a clean, bright, uniform matte texture. The glass beads are applied to a surface using low air pressure. This process removes paint, rust, and corrosion from all types of metals, from autos, trucks, equipment, machinery engine blocks, heads and intakes. Using the bead blasting process a surface can be cleaned without any damage. The beads come in a variety of sizes. The smaller the glass beads, the smoother the surface, larger beads produce a more textured finish.


This Service is an effective process used in automotive restoration. Bead blasting produces a much smoother and brighter finish than angular abrasives. There is no dimensional change to the metal surface. Glass bead blasting leaves no embedded contaminates or residue. This process smoothes away any surface defects. You will be able to see every dent, stretch mark, file stroke, and every stroke of the sandpaper. It can also improve corrosion resistance.

Typical  Blasting applications:-

⇒ Light deburring
⇒ surface cleaning
⇒ Peening

⇒ Blending machine marks
⇒ Removal of welding discolor
⇒ Blasting tight tolerance parts

⇒ Produces a bright matte finish
⇒ Pre Anodize & Enp finishing.
⇒ Industrial Painting