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Metal Surface Preparation Service

Room preparation services

Incorrect results of electroplating or electroplating equipment can often be associated with one factor – improper preparation of the substrate surface. Unfortunately, too many metal finishing operations ignore the importance of the preparation/pretreatment step.

The presence of contaminants, grease, oil, rust, chemicals, and other contaminants can affect the setting, consistency, and continuity of the morphine and must be removed before applying the metal coating. The best companies that freeze metals know the quality of electromobility and the position of the ground.

Preparation of the main surface

There are several reasons to consider when preparing the surface for the coating. First, it is important to properly identify the structure of the base material. Every metal (or any other type of material such as plastic or ceramic) reacts differently. It is important to ensure that the selected after treatment mechanism marks the surface without damaging it.

The second reason is that any foreign material present on the surface of the substrate can be properly identified. This helps to find the most effective and safest way to remove the debris. The ultimate factor is the rating of the type of metal that coats the substrate and ensures that it is compatible with the preparation methods for the selected surface.

An estimate of the surface preparation process

Although there are many variations based on the above factors, the preparation of the metal for plating is a three-step process that includes pre-cleaning, post-cleaning, and surface activity. Now we will take a closer look at the individual phases of a process.